Interview with Deputy Prime Minister – Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev

14 April 2020
ИА PrimaMedia

The coronavirus pandemic did not lead to disastrous consequences for the economy of the Far East. People there continue to look for investors for large infrastructure projects and new markets for product sales. On Sakhalin the construction of a new city is being discussed, and on the Russky Island may appear its own Silicon Valley. Deputy Prime Minister – Presidentaial Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev spoke about it in an interview with Izvestia. He also announced plans for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Chukotka, spoke about the creation of a state structure-monopoly for trade in raw timber and about which aircraft will be registered in the fleet of the new regional aircraft company.

«From January 2022, the government plans to ban the export of raw timber. This is a very interesting story, because in the northeastern regions of China bordering the Far East, there are about a dozen pulp and paper mills operating on our raw materials. We actively called our Chinese colleagues for building something in the Far East to balance the economic record with this resource, since it is found in our country.
There were negotiations. After that, Chinese companies contacted us. For example, China Paper used to say: “We need X amount, such and such a cutting area.” We were looking for this cutting area, and formed plots in the Khabarovsk region. After that, the company got out from negotiations. There was another situation, another company – the same story. My feeling is that they simply do not want to move the profit center from China to Russia and hope that we will surrender, make a decision to abolish duties, repeal legislation and continue exporting round timber.
They have some reason to think this way – once such a decision was made about ten years ago. I really hope that this will not happen the again. Although we have an idea what we will do during the transition period».