Interview with Igor Shuvalov, Chairman of the State Development Corporation «VEB.RF»

25 May 2020

The head of VEB.RF Igor Shuvalov in an interview with RBC spoke about the transformation of the state corporation and investments during and after the viral crisis.

«VEB.RF» has several options of financing the Europe-West China transport corridor. I believe in Project Meridian. Another one that is supported by the Ministry of Transport competes with it. In these conditions, it will be very difficult to take on all the credit risks if a road built with budget money appears nearby. There must be guarantees for the flow of goods. So far, the basic elements have not been formed yet. But if they develop, then we are interested in realization the Russian part through the mechanism of the “Project Financing Factory”. We will even change its rules for this – this is a megaproject. It may also be of interest to the infrastructure company «Natsproektstroy», which is being created with the participation of «VEB.RF».