19 July 2022

A working meeting between the management of Intermost and Chinese state corporation China Railway Construction Corporation (Russia) was held with the assistance of RCBC

A working meeting between the management of Intermost (company member of the Business Council) and the head of the Chinese state corporation China Railway Construction Corporation (Russia) Mr. Zhao Jiashu was held with the support of the Russian-Chinese Business Council.  

The questions of enhancing cooperation between Russia and China with the sanctions pressure from the unfriendly countries were discussed during the meeting. There are currently some problems with building logistic chains which have to be solved in order to ensure stable trade including construction materials supply.

General Director of Intermost Stanislav Romas and Director of Development of Intercomposit Anatoliy Koryabkin stated the importance of introducing new technologies for increasing the quality of production and shortening the timeframes of production and also said that substitution of Western products and technology by the Russian and Chinese analogues is a major task in Russian-Chinese business cooperation nowadays. 

The head of the Eurasian regional headquarters of CRCC Mr. Zhao Jiashu informed about the ambitious goals on enhancing cooperation with the Russian partners and an intention to create and develop new projects in the sphere of infrastructure development.

Managing Director of RCBC Evgeny Markin said: “The joint Russian-Chinese projects are the main link for maintaining allied relations between our two countries. Advanced business cooperation consistently leads to the spiritual and cultural unity of our people.  Regarding this the Russian-Chinese Business Council provides comprehensive assistance to the Russian companies in cooperation with the Chinese partners for the benefit of our neighborliness and friendship between Russia and China.”