26 September 2022

Working meeting between CITIC and Ministry of Agriculture was held on instructions of Chairperson of RCBC Gennadiy Timchenko

A working meeting between one of the largest Chinese state corporations CITIC and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation was conducted on the instructions of Chairperson of the Russian-Chinese Business Council Gennadiy Timchenko. 

The participants of the meeting were Director of the Department for food and processing industry of Russian Ministry of Agriculture Vladimir Skvortsov, Director of the Department for international relations and agricultural export development of Russian Ministry of Agriculture Maksim Markovich, President of the Association “Soyuzkrahmal” Oleg Radin, Head of the CITIC representative office in Russia Liu Na, and Managing Director of RCBC Evgeny Markin representing the Russian-Chinese Business Council management. 

The sides discussed the development of the modern technologies in the sphere of deep grain processing and participation of the Chinese companies in the projects for ammoniac acid and carbamide production.

“We were directed by Minister of Agriculture Dmitriy Patrushev to organize a working meeting with the Chinese partners and discuss particular steps of our cooperation. I am sure that today’s meeting will be a good start of practical realization of the future investment projects with the company CITIC in Russia,” said Maksim Markovich. 

Head of the CITIC representative office in Russia Liu Na mentioned that the company has experience in exploiting unique technologies of ammonia and carbamide production in summer period when there is no need in using gas for heating. 

“There is a great demand for the rape oil in China and at the same time ammoniac acid and fertilizers are necessary for the agricultural producers in the Russian market,” added Liu Na.  

Managing Director of the Business Council Evgeny Markin said: “In the sanctions situation it is highly important to enhance direct cooperation between Russian and Chinese business circles in all spheres of economy.” 

“CITIC company is a leader in the sphere of agricultural biotechnologies and modernization of agriculture. There is a need in the new generation Chinese technologies. We will do our utmost to ensure that agreements we reached today are realized in the shortest time possible,” concluded Evgeny Markin.