28 March 2022

Annual meeting of Russian-Chinese Business Council members

On March, 25, 2022 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation hosted the annual conference of the members of noncommercial partnership Russian-Chinese Business Council. 

The Chairman of the Russian-Chinese Business Council Gennady Timchenko opened the meeting. He stated in his speech that regardless the difficult situation in the world the Business Council remains to be an effective instrument of cooperation between Russian and Chinese business communities. The Chairman of the Business Council also reassured that the Russian-Chinese Business Council will provide all-embracing support and will use all available opportunities in order to help members of the Business Council undertake their initiatives, contributing to the development of trade-economic and cultural ties between Russia and China and strengthening bilateral cooperation. 

Gennady Timchenko also said that today business leaders are facing overwhelming challenges in order to provide stability and economic security of our country and what is even more important in order to work with respect to the national interests of Russia and China.

Ambassador of the Chinese People’s Republic to the Russian Federation Zhang Hanhui draw attention that nowadays the Russian-Chinese cooperation on all levels is working on such poignant issues as developing longterm strategic vision of the world development, launching joint initiatives in all economic spheres and forming a wide network of partnerships basing on them.  Ambassador reassured that Russian-Chinese Business Council by means of direct dialog and effective cooperation between Russian and Chinese colleagues makes a great contribution to supporting business structures of our countries.  Ambassador thanked the Chairman of the Business Council for the longterm and comprehensive cooperation in strengthening and developing Russian-Chinese relations.  

Mr. Chang Hanhui said that the Chinese side is against anti-Russian sanctions and mentioned that some countries are trying to make China join the anti-Russia alliance, but China is indepedent and opposes unilateral sanctions mechanism. 

Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Vladimir Padalko stated that the Business Council remains a reliable partner and an institute for cooperation between Russia and China which is actively involved in bilateral mutually beneficial projects. 

Executive Director of the Business Council Evgeny Markin read out the address of Chairman of the Chinese Committee for development of the international trade Zhen Hunbin.  He heartly greeted the participants of the VIII meeting of RCBC and expressed his wishes for further development of the strategic partnership between Russia and China in a large spectrum of issues.  

Chairman of the Chinese businessmen association in Russia also greeted the participants of the meeting. Mr Zhou Litsun commented on the high productivity of the Business Council and noted that most initiatives of the Chinese businessmen were fully supported by the Business Council and the Chamber of Commerce.  He also noted that following the principles of political equality and mutual respect Moscow and Beijing must work together in order to develop a longterm strategy for the development of relations including the goals and targets in the key spheres of cooperation.

Executive Director of RCBC Evgeny Markin presented a report of RCBC work in 2021. Last year due to the recent COVID-19 infection and difficult international political situation in the world Russian-Chinese Business Council has been increasing comprehensive support measures and using all possible instruments to realize the initiatives of companies members of the Business Council.  

The common meeting approved the annual report of RCBC for 2021, report of budget execution in 2021 and balance sheet of 2021. With the current aggravating sanctions pressure against Russia RCBC determined the main directions of work in the situation of sanctions pressure from the West and increasing cooperation from Russia and China in all economic spheres.