30 June 2022

The Third Meeting of the Committee on Fisheries and Agriculture of RCBC

On June, 29 the third Meeting of the Committee on Fisheries and Agriculture of RCBC was conducted in Vladivostok. 

The event took place in the frames of the working visit of Managing Director of RCBC Evgeny Markin in Vladivostok. The premises for the meeting were in the office of the “Russian Crab” company (member of RCBC) in the capital of Primorsky region. 

Companies-partners and members of RCBC – GC Avestra, Acron, Legendagro Primorye, GC Mangazeya, Rosselhozbank, Russian Fishery Company, Russian Crab, Sberbank, Sigma Marin-Technology, Pacific Investment Group – participated in the meeting. 

Other large players of the agricultural business and representatives of the RF authorities – Embassy of RF in PRC, Federal Center for Developing Export “Agroexport” and Ministry for Economic Development of Russia also took part in the Committee meeting.  

Saveliy Karpukhin, the first Deputy of General Manager of the Russian Fishery Company, delivered a welcoming speech. He encouraged to discuss openly the acute problems that RCBC can assist with. “It is very important to share among the members of RCBC the positive experience in solving the arising questions and difficulties in doing business with the Chinese partners in various spheres,” – remarked Saveliy Karpukhin.  

The main topic of the meeting was overcoming the difficulties which arose in the post-pandemic period and also as a result of the economic sanctions from unfriendly countries.

The members of the Committee discussed a number of relevant questions of fishing industry, including receiving the license for selling the fish farming products and searching importers of readymade products in China.

The issue of Russian-Chinese border checkpoints attracted particular attention of the participants. The Russian Crab representative brought to notice that the traffic capacity of Kraskino border point is very low and that there is no priority for the live products, like live crabs, to readymade products. 

Besides, the participants of the Committee discussed the difficulties of the products supply to PRC which appeared due to the strict COVID restrictions in China. 

General Director of Legendagro Primorye Dmitriy Savenkov voiced his concerns about the export sanctions and allocation of quotas on grain crops. “There is a growth of grain export in the Russian Far East. In this case would be inefficient to divide it among the exporters on acreage principle. We propose to change the logics of quotas allocation and introduce another practice which will support the development of grain sector in the Far East,” – he offered.

The Russian-Chinese Business Council from its side will facilitate solving the issues raised at the Committee and help companies-members to work in the Chinese direction.

“Committee on fisheries and agriculture became a real mechanism for dealing with different tasks that the companies-members of the Business Council have in the Chinese direction. Building a dialogue between business circles, Russian and Chinese authorities is a main role of RCBC. The Russian-Chinese Business Council will support and assist in the work of companies-members and partners using all possible platforms,” – Managing Director of RCBC Evgeny Markin.