6 March 2022

Address to the members of the Russian-Chinese Business Council by the Executive Director of RCBC

Dear colleagues and friends! 

We all attentively follow the current geopolitical situation that Russia faces now. 

Many of us have already experienced unfriendly policy of western countries towards Russia and Russian citizens. 

RCBC is going to enhance the support to the Council member companies in current difficult times. We are using all available instruments and measures to mitigate consequences of the western countries’ sanctions. 

We and our Chinese partners are seeking and finding ways to support the business structures of our country to replace western goods and technologies with domestic products or analogues from China.

We are in contact with Chinese financial institutions, ministries and agencies in Beijing, and we use all available opportunities to resolve burning issues in the Chinese direction.

In order to effectively and promptly support the members of the Business Council, we are in daily contact with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Zhang Hanhui. During the past week, we have held a number of meetings and discussed practical assistance and support for the companies.

Russia is a great рower. Our country has been and remain a part of the global economy. We are doing our best to adapt to this situation and we are working consistently to mitigate the damage to the world economy system caused by the West. 

Russia and China are currently working “back-to-back” like never before, and the level of mutual trust between our countries exceeds the circumstances.

Russia and China take similar positions in solving global and regional problems and always take into account each other’s mutual interests.

Playing important stabilizing roles in the modern geopolitical landscape of the world, our countries continue to advance the Russian-Chinese relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction, which enter a new era.

Nowadays, as never before, we should make our cooperation more targeted, and support Russian businesses as effectively as possible. Sanctions have never been an effective way to solve problems, whereas Russia and China have always opposed the policy of unilateral sanctions.

Today, domestic financial institutions are expanding the practice of transactions in national currencies, forming mechanisms to mitigate the negative impact of sanctions and developing a united position on international trade issues.

The Russian-Chinese Business Council of course stands for maintaining an open and non-discriminatory system of conducting business relations.

The leadership of our country and personally the President of Russia Vladimir Putin have already done a lot and continue to work to help rapid adaptation of Russian business in the current situation.

I emphasize once again that the Russian-Chinese Business Council and the Chairman of the Business Council Gennady Timchenko are making every possible effort to help and support the members of RCBC, using all available measures.

Dear friends, please, be so kind to send your appeals to the RCBC Office on situations that require an immediate solution. We will consider all your requests carefully, and provide timely support in each case.

In conclusion, I will quote the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Russian Federation Zhang Hanhui, as he said a few days ago:

“Russia is a great country with a long history of victories and achievements, it is strong by the spirit of the Russian people, and the spirit of the Russian people is invincible. China has always been and remains a good friend and reliable partner of Russia, and in this difficult situation, we will “side-by-side” cope with all hardships and use this challenge to strengthen our fraternal relations and friendship.”

With respect,

Evgeny Markin, Executive Director